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Al Eqbal is an oriental perfumery firm which mostly caters Arabian fragrances. Al Eqbal draws its roots from Kashin Perfumes which has a presence in perfumery trade since 1980s. 

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About Kashin Perfumes

Kashin Perfumes was born in the early 1980s in the city of Sharjah, U.A.E. The name Kashin has been derived from its founder of the company. Kashin carrying nearly four decades of experience in fragrances and perfume industry. Kashin initially was a young entrepreneur Mr. Abul Kashem (Kashin) hobby and passion for offering wonderful fragrances back in 1980. It was then the brand was conceptualized. Intially the company started in trading traditional oriental fragrances and aggarwoody products in a very small scale back in its early days. Kashin Perfumes is a growing perfumery house which is integrated in to both trading and manufacturing of perfumery for more than few decades. The very first Kashin Perfumes outlet operated in the Old Market, Sharjah in the early 1980s and from there the company sphere headed to the path of success. 


Kashin Perfumes Company derived its name from the founder of the company Mr. Abul Kashem (Kashin). Mr. Kashem (Kashin) travelled to U.A.E. at a very young age. After attaining good business knowledge and acumen He initially started his perfumery business by trading traditional oriental fragrances & oud in very small scale. Mr. Kashem conceptualized Kashin Perfumes in the year 1980 at a very young age got attracted and fascinated with the world of fragrance hence from there was no turning back and the journey of Kashin Perfumes has begun from 1980s. Mr Kashin travelled across many countries to further nurture his knowledge in perfumery and attained hands on practical experience. From the humble beginning the journey for Kashin Perfumes have been spectacular. It’s with the utmost guidance and support of the fonder the firm looked into greater spheres of growth by Almighty’s grace and support of its valuable customers.

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